Farming To Benefit the Consumer
& the Community

Providing quality beef, pork, produce, and row crops to the local community around Danville, Kentucky.

Welcome to Circle G Farms from the Guinns! We take pride in raising our beef, pork, produce, and grains on our farm in Danville, KY. We are honored and thankful to serve Boyle and surrounding counties.

At Circle G Farms, we believe in sustainability. Our conservation practices and low-stress livestock handling ensure our customers get the best food, and our land and animals get the best care. Rest assured if we sell it, we raised it.

The idea behind our “Circle” concept is that everything we grow comes full circle. Our heirloom grains honor Kentucky's history by supporting our state’s bourbon industry. Our grains and hay feed our livestock. After our grains are harvested, our fields are planted into cover crops of rye and clover, preserving our soil and winter feeding our cattle. In turn, our livestock fertilizes our fields. The heirloom grain we grow is also ground in a stone mill into grits, meal, and flour; right on the farm! Everything we sell off the farm comes from the farm! Whether it was born and raised here or started from seed.

The biggest reward in farming for us is being able to provide a complete meal for our customers. We strive to provide the best meats and vegetables, paired with whole grains for grits at breakfast, cornmeal at supper, or bourbon with friends.

If you have any questions or want to chat about local food, feel free to use our Contact Form to reach out. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy Circle G Farms and the fruits (meats, grains, and veggies) of our labor!

The Guinn Family

Spencer & Carly Guinn, Founders and Owners

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