Growing Row Crops …So Consumers Can Enjoy!

The bulk of our row crops, corn, soybeans, wheat, and rye; make their way to several markets. Our livestock enjoy some of the corn and wheat, harvested as silage and grains, to feed them through various stages of their life. Our rye and wheat are off to distilleries, to make the amazing spirits Kentucky is known for—Learn more on our Heirloom Grains page. Our yellow corn is turned into livestock feed, primarily for poultry. Our soybeans make their way to be processed into soybean oil for cooking, powering vehicles, and feeding livestock.

We grow each of these crops to provide a proper rotation to keep our soil healthy and in place. Corn and soybean planting takes place in April and May. We tend to the crops until they get to the point of shading out the soil, then we leave the rest of the growing season to mother nature. Grain harvest starts in September. After harvest, our goal is to cover every acre with a cover crop of rye and clover which provides a living cover. We want to keep something growing year round. It keeps soil in place during heavy winter and spring rains, and cuts back on weeds for the next year's crop. Some fields, close to home, get planted with wheat and rye for grain. This will be harvested the following June.

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