The Journey to CSA Farm Share

Our produce venture started as a foray into wholesale tomato markets. Selling our seconds, introduced us to the idea of marketing direct-to-consumer. And we loved it! The next year, we added diversity and started Wilderness Trail Farm Share with other farmers in Boyle County. Each year, we have added crops to the mix. Now, our garden includes tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, peas, beans, zucchini, squash, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and onions. The variety is something we enjoy growing, and feel our customers appreciate the effort.

Extras that didn’t fit into the Wilderness Trail Farm Share started making their way to Lexington with Carly. People came to her employer, Hallway Feeds, to enjoy our products while feeding their horses. The demand led to a formal CSA offering in Lexington, Feed Folks Farm Share. We, along with a couple of veggie and egg producers at the mill, provide a full basket for 10 weeks of the summer.

From Farm to Table – Circle G Farms

For those looking to spice up their kitchen without the weekly commitment of a CSA share, we offer “Dinner’s in the Bag”. It includes an assortment of summer vegetables, beef or pork, and whole grain. Dinner's in the Bag is a balanced meal your Aunt B would be proud of! We provide a recipe to accompany the week’s assortment, and you just provide the prep time and heat! Click Here to learn how to purchase and where to pick up your next dinner from Circle G Farms today.

Enjoy our Fresh Produce