From Healthy Cattle …to Nutritious Beef

Our cow herd consists of Angus and Hereford cows along with a polled Hereford bull. Cross-bred calves use nature’s wonder to unlock genetic differences, resulting in naturally amazing beef! Our calves hang out in pastures, eating grasses the majority of the year. We rotate cows once a week to a new pasture to keep the grass fresh for the cows and let the field rest a month before the cows make it back again.

We utilize gentle handling practices and are Kentucky Beef Quality and Care Assurance certified. Our cows and bulls are fed a balanced ration of grass hay, wheat silage, corn silage, and sorghum silage; all raised and harvested off our farms. Cows have access to pasture but are fed on a concrete pad. This keeps them out of the mud!

Our calves are fed a mixture of our farm-raised heirloom grains and grass hay. To meet their dietary needs, we do purchase some supplemental feed. The calves used for beef are antibiotic and growth promotant free. Click Here to see what is in stock and get started with your beef order today.

… And Don't Forget Our Hogs!

We have a variety of hog breeds at any given time ranging from Duroc, Berkshire, and Hampshire crosses. The pigs come on to the farm at a couple of months of age in the spring. Once the weather warms up, the pigs run outside with our calves, having access to feed, water, and straw inside. Expect pork to be available for purchase in the store, starting in October. Click Here to see what is in stock and get started with your pork order today.

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